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Archives for March 2012

Writers, Is Pinterest in Your Marketing Bag?

Just as you were beginning to get the hang of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube, along comes Pinterest, the lastest competitor for your time and energy. With its growth outpacing Facebook and Twitter at the same time in their history, this new place to post images of your favorites is commanding our attention.

Not surprisingly, many sources are weighing in heavily providing us with demographics, statistics, and of course, warnings. Here are a few to bring you up to speed.

1. Start with the article by Jordan Crook, aptly named
This is Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest.

2. Then meet the one of the founders, Evan Sharp,
Working out of the Box: Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp – Arch


3. Next come the warnings. You aren’t surprised, are you?

4. Finally, I’ve posted a video for fun.

5. Oh, and the pinterest image at the top is mine. Go check it out at http://www.pinterest.com/florabrown

So, which is it are you in or content to continue to sit on the sidelines?

How to Make Time to Write: The Two Step Method

Way to make time to writeThe most common question asked by aspiring writers/authors is “how do you find time to write?”


You don’t have to find time. You already have it. 168 delicious hours of it, in fact.
Everyone of us has exactly the same amount.

So, the real question is “How do you organize your time?”

Sorry I don’t have a profound answer nor a magical incantation, but I do have an answer.

You want to write a book, an article, a poem or a blog post?

Try the Two Step Method

You must put BIC and FOK.

Step 1: BIC=Butt in Chair

Even if you did nothing else but sat in a chair for a minimum of two hours a day,
you would get your writing done, provided you ignored distractions of course.

Like actors scampering across a stage, the ideas would eventually flow. You
would have trouble getting them down before they disappeared.

I know what you’re thinking. What about if no ideas or words come?

Still sit there for two hours. The human brain cannot tolerate that much
quiet without thinking thoughts eventually.

Jeff Goins expands on this idea in his article  The Minimalist Secret to Productive
. He  even displays a photo of a chair in case you needed help with identifying one.

Step 2: FOK=Fingers on Keyboard

You will need to take this step as soon as those ideas begin to
flow since they are apt to make only one appearance.

Feel free to modify this one if you write by longhand or record
your thoughts, or use some other technique.

The bottom line is that you must capture your thoughts, put
them into words, and most important, don’t edit for now.

If you were hoping for something more profound, I’ve listed what a
a few other writers have said about  making time to write.

Tell me about your experience with the Two Step Method.


22 Ways to Push Past Writer's Block to Writer's Brilliance

At some time every writer hits a block, a slump or a downright drought. This infographic that I learned about from Michelle Shaeffer, who got it from Copyblogger.com (who encourages us to share it,) is a perfect variation of Tip#1. Which of these have you used successfully? Can you add more great ways to create great content to the list?22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

How to Sell Your Book Before It's Published

Click arrow to begin presentation. Then click MORE to view full screen.

How to Sell Your Writing: Get It Out in the Open

How to Sell Your Writing

Selling What You Write


Your book is published.

You are stroking that beautiful cover and admiring your clever title.

Or maybe you’ve written a compelling short story, collection of poems or essays but have been too timid to let go.

Now what?

If you have plans to become a bestseller or even a modest seller, you must get your writing out in the open in as big a way as possible.

I know your published book is on the major booksellers, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You even have a Kindle and Nook version available.

Or your friends have praised your great writing.

But that’s not enough.

What else can you do?

Consider entering contests.

They often charge a fee for submission, but in exchange you get another flock of eyes on your writing and sometimes commentary from the judges. There’s always the possibility that you could win the grand prize, of course.

Here are a few to consider. Jump on them, however, since they all have deadlines.

1. Check out Writer’s Digest 20th Annual SelfPublished Book Awards

2. Here is a roundup of Spring Contests that run March through May
Tips, Publishing Advice, and Book Reviews » Attention all

3. Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Annual Writing Contest a Huge

4. More Writing Contest News for February 22, 2012 : WriteSuccess

5. How about a year-long writing contest March Writing Contests | Walrus Publishing


While you may not qualify or be interested in all of these contests, surely you’ll find a few that are perfect for your writing.

Go ahead, get your writing out in the open.