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Writers, Is Pinterest in Your Marketing Bag?

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Just as you were beginning to get the hang of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube, along comes Pinterest, the lastest competitor for your time and energy. With its growth outpacing Facebook and Twitter at the same time in their history, this new place to post images of your favorites is commanding our attention.

Not surprisingly, many sources are weighing in heavily providing us with demographics, statistics, and of course, warnings. Here are a few to bring you up to speed.

1. Start with the article by Jordan Crook, aptly named
This is Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest.

2. Then meet the one of the founders, Evan Sharp,
Working out of the Box: Pinterest Co-Founder Evan Sharp – Arch


3. Next come the warnings. You aren’t surprised, are you?

4. Finally, I’ve posted a video for fun.

5. Oh, and the pinterest image at the top is mine. Go check it out at http://www.pinterest.com/florabrown

So, which is it are you in or content to continue to sit on the sidelines?


  1. Hi Flora!

    i just found your excellent blog while leaving a comment on an older post
    written by expert blogger/marketer Michelle Schaeffer.

    I saw your really interesting title and knew I definitely needed to stop by and seeing what’s going on.

    Thanks for all of the awesome resources you shared in your post! And yes, sadly I confess, I’m definitely in the camp that felt like, isn’t there enough social media platforms to be active on already?LOL!

    But clearly, since Pinterest revolves heavily around the use of images, it’s definitely got to be taken seriously and not ignored and or easily overlooked!

    Thanks for helping me realize that!LOL!

    • Hi Mark, thanks for making time to leave a comment. Since that post, a number of new tools and social media have emerged. While we certainly can’t be active in all of them at once, we must decide the ones that are frequented by our readers/clients and dive into those with gusto and frequency.

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