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How to Sell Your Writing: Get It Out in the Open

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How to Sell Your Writing

Selling What You Write


Your book is published.

You are stroking that beautiful cover and admiring your clever title.

Or maybe you’ve written a compelling short story, collection of poems or essays but have been too timid to let go.

Now what?

If you have plans to become a bestseller or even a modest seller, you must get your writing out in the open in as big a way as possible.

I know your published book is on the major booksellers, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You even have a Kindle and Nook version available.

Or your friends have praised your great writing.

But that’s not enough.

What else can you do?

Consider entering contests.

They often charge a fee for submission, but in exchange you get another flock of eyes on your writing and sometimes commentary from the judges. There’s always the possibility that you could win the grand prize, of course.

Here are a few to consider. Jump on them, however, since they all have deadlines.

1. Check out Writer’s Digest 20th Annual SelfPublished Book Awards

2. Here is a roundup of Spring Contests that run March through May
Tips, Publishing Advice, and Book Reviews » Attention all

3. Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Annual Writing Contest a Huge

4. More Writing Contest News for February 22, 2012 : WriteSuccess

5. How about a year-long writing contest March Writing Contests | Walrus Publishing


While you may not qualify or be interested in all of these contests, surely you’ll find a few that are perfect for your writing.

Go ahead, get your writing out in the open.




  1. Hi Flora

    This is, without hesitation, the “golden ticket” to marketing anything …

    ” … get another flock of eyes on your writing.”

    The same holds true for marketing and promoting your blog. That’s why I believe guest posting is the way to fly!

    Listen, I love to introduce people to one another online (my fans and followers comment more about my “connection and networking” skills more than anything else.) *Blush*

    So …

    I hope you’ll take some time and introduce yourself to two awesome ladies you share expertise and common ground with. Who knows?! “Joint venture” opportunities are a great way to “get another flock of eyes on your writing”. *Grin*

    Dvorah Lansky: “Book Writing Made Easy”

    Judy Cullins: “Book and eBook Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing Coaching”

    If you look them up in cyberspace, please say Hi from me.

    Thanks again for visiting Solo Mompreneur and taking a peek at my quirky bio!

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for suggesting that I connect
      with Dvorah and Judy. I have contacted Dvorah to get her on my radio
      show. I’ll be reaching out to Judy soon, and I’ll be sure to say “hi”
      to both of them from you.


  2. P.S.

    Just curious, Flora …
    How do you like using “Blog Glue”?

    Since installing the plugin, have you noticed better traffic stats? And have you been able to establish good partnerships with other bloggers in your niche?


    • Hi Melanie,

      Blog Glue is one of those tools I’m still testing.
      I can’t say that it has improved my stats yet.
      It’s time to take a look again.

      I have slowly been getting to know other bloggers/writers/coaches
      in my niche. It’s essential to reach out and form relationships
      and partnerships. Isolation is a killer.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and chiming in.


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