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How to Take Book Publicity Baby Steps

Baby StepsWriting your book is the easy part. It’s selling your book that’s the challenge for you and every author.

To sell your book people have to know it exists. That’s where learning how to skillfully publicize your book comes in.

If publicizing your book is overwhelming you, Joan Stewart, the publicity hound,  has created exactly the program for you.

Book Publicity Ideas You Can Use Today to Sell More Books Tomorrow

Format: A webinar. Attend live or watch the video replay later.

Time: 4pm ET (Time Zone Converter)

Date: February 12, 2015

Your cost: $49.95

This program will give you lots of ideas for baby steps that you can take one day at a time. It’s the smartest, most efficient way to market your books because you can follow through on all of Joan’s  ideas without an exhausting time commitment.

You will learn:

  • Where to find one hour of free consulting every week to help with book marketing and many other aspects of publishing
  • 4 places in your own community that can help you sell books
  • A special place that’s so eager to hear from you it will help you publicize your books and your expertise several ways–and it won’t cost you a cent
  • A simple tweak you can make on Amazon to become a best-seller in your category
  • An easy way to convince a magazine to feature your new book and the one thing magazine editors tell me will increase your chances of being featured

and a dozen other ideas and tips you can do right away.

In addition to the value-loaded webinar, Joan is also offering fabulous bonuses.

Get all the details and discover the bonuses now at Book Publicity Ideas You Can Use Today to Sell More Books Tomorrow.

I’ve been a pleased customer and fan of Joan Stewart’s publicity tips since the internet was in its infancy.  Following her advice helped me fill workshops,  profitably promote my products, and double the response to my offers.

Now I’m proud to be a compensated affiliate who earns a commission on this product and I’m offering it because far too many authors don’t know how to promote their books.

Because I’m still a customer, I’ll be on the call on Thursday, February 12, 2015.  Join me there by signing up for Book Publicity Ideas You Can Use Today to Sell More Books Tomorrow

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Always keeping up with changing technology, Dan admits that he is testing Kindle Direct Publishing Select Freebie Day. He says,

You can help me gain experience, figures, and even some money, by downloading this free book on writing books.
The above is the pitch I am testing.

He begins his book stressing the importance of researching your topic for comparable books, readers’ reviews to ensure that there is a market for your book. From there, he goes on to tell you how to

  • Build your book using the world’s largest library that’s on your desk, the Web.
  • Get your book professionally edited and reviewed
  • Register your copyright
  • Properly use quotations and other information from others
  • Create and publish ebooks as well as print books
  • Convert and post your ebook
  • Collaborate with a colleague, editor or ghostwriter
  • Package, publish and promoting your book

The greatest benefit of Dan’s book is learning that you don’t have to choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing or ebooks v.s. print books. You can do all of these if you wish. He tells you how to do so profitably.

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Connect with Your Fans If You Want to Sell Books

The following article appeared in Dan Janal’s Irreverent Marketing Memo on 10-17-11

Four young authors are selling lots of books and are inspiring a lot of people at the 21st Century Book Marketing Conference, [including Dan Janal!]

They are selling lots of books and their stories are all different.
Rick German, a coach and author of “Monetize Your Passion” says he networked like mad with other authors in his niche. “No matter what n iche you are in, you can meet the right people.” He did favors for them for two years, always asking, “How can I support you?” When his book came out, he called in the favors and people were happy to help. Now he spends every morning jogging on the beach, taking a dip and meditating – then coaches people on how to live his lifestyle. Sweet.

Kailin Gow has built an empire in the tween market and then the teen market as her readers grew up. She maintains strong ties to her readers by answering their emails (up to 2 hours a day) and responding via Facebook. She has a Facebook page for each book series. “They protect me from people who attack” she said. As to the time commitment she added, “I don’t sleep much.” Her books include the Desire Series, PULSE, Wicked Woods and Frost. A major worldwide game developer is creating games based on each series, she said.

Kevin Hansen collected people&rsq uo;s “regrets” on his website, then self-published a book “Secret Regrets: What If You Had a Second Chance.”  Get this: he contacted the Dr. Phil show and pitched his book – and they said yes, let’s do an entire show around this. That NEVER happens. But it did.

Hannah Dennison has written four books in the Vicky Hill Mysteries series by getting up at 5 a.m. every day and writing for two hours before going to her job.

These young authors serve as an inspiration to all!


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