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Get Dan Poynter’s New Book on Writing, Free July 13 and 14–Hurry!

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“Forget what you heard about book writing, publishing and promoting; the model just changed–for the better! Now you may print shorter runs at prices that make sense, publish your “books” in other (electronic) ways, sell them automatically and promote them for practically nothing. You will discover how to wring maximum value out of your work. This is an exciting time to be a writer.”

This is how Dan Poynter begins Writing Your Book: Cashing in on Publishing, Faster, Easier, & Cheaper, his 54-page ebook loaded with tips, steps and advice based on decades of experience and success. This Kindle version is free today, July 13 through July 14 until midnight.

You do not have to own a Kindle in order to take advantage of this. Amazon makes Kindle reader apps available free for your computer or mobile devices. Grab yours at Kindle Reader.

Dan is the authority on self-publishing and author of 130 books.

Always keeping up with changing technology, Dan admits that he is testing Kindle Direct Publishing Select Freebie Day. He says,

You can help me gain experience, figures, and even some money, by downloading this free book on writing books.
The above is the pitch I am testing.

He begins his book stressing the importance of researching your topic for comparable books, readers’ reviews to ensure that there is a market for your book. From there, he goes on to tell you how to

  • Build your book using the world’s largest library that’s on your desk, the Web.
  • Get your book professionally edited and reviewed
  • Register your copyright
  • Properly use quotations and other information from others
  • Create and publish ebooks as well as print books
  • Convert and post your ebook
  • Collaborate with a colleague, editor or ghostwriter
  • Package, publish and promoting your book

The greatest benefit of Dan’s book is learning that you don’t have to choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing or ebooks v.s. print books. You can do all of these if you wish. He tells you how to do so profitably.

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  1. Appreciate the heads up, Flora. This information, combined with the premium content you provide on your site and blog, will benefit all who are ready to master writing, ebooks, and self publishing.

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for your kind words. You can count on me to share nuggets as I find them.

  2. Thank you for this heads up; the more we learn about publishing the better. The only think missing from that great book is an Index.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your insightful comment, especially about the need for an index. As a reader, I appreciate an index. I’ll look into your services.

  3. Thank you for sharing the link for the free book Flora. I downloaded the kindle app and the book. I also signed up to your mail list. I appreciate this resource.

    • Hi Julia,

      You’re most welcome. I love sharing good info.I’m glad you were able to grab it in time.

  4. Thanks @Flora. Downloaded & look forward to reading it. Appreciate the heads up. ~Debra

  5. Thanks! I started on my e-book a few weeks ago and needed some more information and inspiration.

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