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Here's One Way to Let the World Know About Your Book or Service

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Every business, entrepreneur, and service provider knows that to succeed you must let people know you exist. The old school way of taking out newspaper ads or buying listings in the Yellow Pages are as ineffective as they are expensive.

Taking a lesson from movie trailers, many authors and others are now creating videos to introduce their work to the world. (See my recent blog post here to get ideas on creating your book trailer.)

When you have the budget and chutzpah to get the public involved in your promotion, however, you can create a promotion that will have legs and go viral on its own. That’s what happened when the TV channel TNT launched in Belgium. I defy you to watch this video below and not laugh as well as tell others about it.

Don’t despair if you don’t have the cast and money to recreate a similar event for your book or service. Instead, use what you DO have to think of a creative way you market that will make folks take notice. Then, when you do, come back and share what you did with us on this blog.

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