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Is This the Year You'll Write Your Memoir?

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As I was sharing with a colleague how I work with aspiring writers,  she mentioned that if she wrote her story, no one would believe it.

Do you feel that way about your life story? If you begin reading memoirs you will discover amazing, sad, recounts of many life experiences, some more surprising than yours.

If you’ve been hesitating to write your memoir, here are some starters, motivators and reality checks.

1. Memoir Writing Prompts: It Matters — Memoir Writing Blog

Get these prompts for one story per month

2. Krissy Brady, Writer: Memoirs Ink Writing Contest

Enter contest before February 12th

3. Free Roundtable Discussion on January 12, 2012 on Building Your Writer’s Platform

The National Association of Memoir Writers declares this The Year of the Memoir. Get loads of
help, tips and more at their website.

4. Beware Hollywood Memoirs: They’re Dull and Overrated – Daily Beast

Much of my publishing life was consumed by the memoirs of movie stars—or by attempts to get them to write a memoir. These days I wonder why.


5. Writing Tips : Writing Memoirs

To write a memoir, consider the audience, focus on a specific point in life, maintain a consistent tone throughout the story and get feedback from peers after each chapter. Get more tips from the following video.