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Inside the Writing Life: What are Your Favorite Snacks When You’re Writing?

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Einstein at chalkboard

Writers have many rituals and objects to stimulate their writing. Many have their favorite snacks on hand to signal to their bodies and minds that it’s time to write.

An article in the New York Times Sunday Book Review disclosed some of the favorite snacks of great writers.  The author of the article, Wendy MacNaughton, began with the self-disclosure that she keeps a small bowl of garlic croutons nearby. Here are some other culinary delights that she uncovered. Be sure to check out her great cartoons in the article.

  • Walt Whitman– oysters and meat for breakfast
  • Gustave Flaubert –breakfast of eggs, vegetables, cheese or fruit, and a cup of cold chocolate
  • Franz Kafka–milk
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald–canned meat (straight from the can) and apples
  • Lord Byron–vinegar

I lean toward a cup of coffee which unfortunately gets cold as the writing progresses.

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

What is your favorite snack when you’re writing?  The weirder the better. You’re in good company.



  1. My favorite snack when writing is Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe at: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/09/dining/091crex.html) and 1% or skim milk. Now, these aren’t just any ‘ol cookies. They are the best cookies in the world and take time to prepare. Enjoy the recipe!

  2. Lesley,

    Thank you for this delicious recipe. With these cookies, however, I’m afraid that my waist would grow as my manuscript grows. What sacrifices we make for the art of writing!

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