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7 Great Gift Ideas for Writers and Bookworms

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Are you looking for a great gift for a writer, bookworm or booklover? Here are some fun, functional and unique gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays and other special occasions all year round.

1. Favorite Snacks

Writers have rituals that include having handy snacks nearby. F. Scott Fitzgerald loved canned meat and apples, Nora Ephron could down three Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one sitting, and Julia Child’s favored red meat and gin. What’s your writer’s favorite snack? Give the writer in your life a supply o their favorite munchies or a gift certificate. They’ll enjoy fond memories of you every time they indulge.

2. Writing Inspiration

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Point your favorite writer to writing prompts, starters or ideas that you’ve created or have been created by others

3. Stress Relief

Since writers spend many hours working in one position, carpal tunnel neck and body cramps are occupational hazards. If you’re skilled enough, give a personal massage. If not, invest in a gift certificate from the local massage school or parlor in the area. Groupon may even have a great deal available http://www.groupon.com/local/massage


4. Classes and Training

Whether your writer is new or experienced, she will enjoy taking a class to sharpen skills. Here are some ideas:

5. Literary Clothing

Out of Print Clothing –t-shirts, gifts, accessories, totes, journals

6. Postertext

Posters with the entire text of a novel.

7. Top 50 Literary Magazines

Writers will enjoy reading these, as well as discover places to submit their own writing.

Surprise your favorite writer with one of these not-so-typical gifts now or any time of year.


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  1. Terrific and creative ideas, Flora! I would have never thought of “snacks” or “stress relief”, but I’m sure they would be very well received.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Writers, like others in sedentary endeavors, certainly count on their snacks for stress relief and pick-me-ups. Glad you like these ideas.

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