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What to Do When You Get Stuck–Free on 9/7/12 and 9/8/12

When Walt Disney proposed the idea of Disneyland to bankers, he was already a successful graphic artist and movie maker, and yet he was turned away by bankers over 300 times before he finally found one willing to take a chance.

After all, who could believe that such a preposterous idea would be work, much less be profitable? But Walt, familiar with rejection and failure, was undaunted.

How about you?

Do you get discouraged when you are rejected?

Are there times when you feel stuck on a project or stalled when trying to get started?

If so, you’re normal. No amount of success and achievement will protect you from having moments and sometimes spells of uncertainty and doubt.

It’s essential, therefore, to be prepared for how you will deal with the inevitable.

Self-confidence and high self-esteem help us go after our dreams and reach our goals. Unfortunately, things we experience in life can weaken our self-confidence, cause us to feel stuck and defeated and even halt our move toward our goals.

In this book you will learn ways to manage your fears and self-improvement steps to regaining self-confidence, getting unstuck and feeling motivated to resume the activities that will bring you success.

Enjoy the e-book on your Kindle or free-to-download Kindle app so you can read it on your smartphone, computer or iPad. Grab it for free on Friday, Sept. 7th and Saturday, Sept. 8th.