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Write, Pitch, and Market Your Book–from March 2-6, 2015

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Writers greet me after I spoke to California Writers Club of Long Beach, CA

Writers love helping one another. Here are ideas to help you write,  pitch, and market your book from blogs this week.

Samantha Fountain at Where Writers Win
New Launch of WriterPitch

There’s not another industry that has a community that takes care of each other the way writers do. Everywhere you turn there’s a helping hand extended. I want to be one of those helping hands. WriterPitch.com was built on the belief that we’re all in this together and writers and agents alike are looking for their “Perfect Match.”

Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn
interviews video marketer, Jerome McClain
Book Trailers and Using Video for Book Marketing

I’ve been doing audio podcasts and videos for nearly 5 years now and I think it can help stand out from the crowd since authors, unsurprisingly, mostly use text based marketing. I’ve also made my own book trailers before, for Pentecost and also for Desecration.

Trailers can certainly be a very different way to get attention for your book and today, I’m going more in depth on the topic with Jerome McLain from Book Frenzy Studios.

S. Lakin at  WritetoDone
How to Find Your Trademark Writing Style

There is no right or wrong, good or bad—only personal tastes. We can all name writers we can’t stomach whose books are bestsellers.

But what do you need to consider if you’re hoping to develop a trademark writing style? Here are some tips.

Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer
Marketing Your Book

Writing is a creative, often solitary work. Marketing means connecting with a larger network of people, bringing the work you’ve created to a larger public.

Anthony Ehlers at Writers Write
The Writer’s Journey–Finding Your Personal Theme

When we write, we want the reader to see the world as we see it. We want to share our truth. But before we even put the first word on the page, we sometimes have to ask ourselves: ‘What do I want to say?’


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Article by Flora Brown

Flora Brown is an author, blogger, speaker, and book coach. She’s the creator of “Rockin’ Your Book” an eCourse delivered to your emailbox.

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