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Top Nuggets of Advice for Self-Published Authors, February 23-27, 2015

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Successful self-publishing is not solo publishing. You are going to need help from your colleagues, readers, experts, and most of all, from yourself.
This week’s top nuggets of advice put it on the line in plain English. Heed ’em and reap rewards, or ignore ’em and weep.

Judith Briles on The Book Designer
The Princess Author Syndrome

To avoid drifting into the Princess Author Syndrome, authors today must be as proactive as any have even been. It’s a competitive world out there—a book-eat-book world.

To avoid being sucked into the Princess Author Syndrome, today’s author quickly learns: if author and book success is to be, it is clearly up to me.

Wayne Hughes on BuildBookBuzz
For Reading Out Loud!

I’ve tried to read everything I’ve written out loud. It’s amazing how typos, verb-tense disagreements, and incomplete sentences come leaping off the page when vocalized. Now that I’ve embarked on a second career as a book narrator, it’s even more important.
Penny Sansevieri on Author Marketing Expert Inc.
Your eBook Deal How-to Guide: Twitter and Hashtags
Even if everyone loves free, you can’t just put the book up on Amazon, mark it free, and call it a day. You have to promote it.
Self-publishing is a side hustle for many first-time authors. But as a first-time author, there are aspects of self-publishing you haven’t experienced yet.
Frances Caballo on Social Media Just for Writers
Mobile Marketing Just for Writers

During the San Francisco Writers Conference last weekend, I served on a panel that talked about mobile marketing for writers. In advance of the session, I did quite a bit of research and I want to share some of those findings with you.


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  1. These are great. I figured out the reading things out loud idea by accident on my own. Somehow, by engaging another sense any mistakes or areas needing refinement come to light. This method works well for me.

    • Linda, isn’t it wonderful when you discover something so useful on your own? It probably happens most when we’re looking for solutions and experimenting with different ideas. Thanks for sharing this.

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