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Refreshing Answers to Questions from Bloggers and Self-Published Authors

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Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


My clients often ask me to recommend the best resources for advice, tips, and trends in blogging and self-publishing. There is so much rich help, advice, and encouragement that such a list would never end. Here are a few refreshing answers from around the blogosphere to questions I’m frequently asked.

How important is it to publish fresh content on my blog each week?

What would happen if you stop publishing new blog content for a month?
Kevan Lee at Buffer

Kevin shares an experiment that challenged what we’ve been told about the importance of fresh content. Here is what he said. Discover what they learned.

Well … what might happen if we didn’t?

To find out, we stopped publishing new content for 30 days, focusing instead on repurposing and refreshing our content from the archives. I’d love to share with you every single thing we tried and all that we learned, both what worked and what didn’t.

Should I go after a contract with the big guys or self-publish?

The Top 5 Reasons I’m Self-Publishing – Instead of Going Back to the Big Guys
Sheri McInnis

Many aspiring authors believe that landing a contract with one of the top 5 traditional publishers is the holy grail, as Sheri McInnis knows from experience. In her guest post on Gordon A. Wilson’s blog she reveals the 5 reasons she chooses self-publishing.

Gordon asked me to explain why I’ve decided to self-publish my third novel after working with traditional publishers on my other books. He said most writers consider a book deal the “holy grail.” Why would I make the change?

I know what he means. All my life I dreamed about getting published too. I was lucky enough to have it happen twice: first by Simon & Schuster/Atria and then again by MacMillan/St. Martin’s Press.

I know a lot of writers are on the fence about going indy, so if you’re confused, I hope my top five reasons can help.

 Where can I keep up with self-publishing changes?

This Week’s Self-publishing News
Valerie Shanley at Alliance of Independent Authors
Get your own subscription to stay in the know.
Valerie doesn’t disappoint with the latest changes and updates in indie publishing. In this issue you’ll learn why you can’t ignore
  • The effect of Amazon becoming biggest ebook seller in India has on other distribution agreements
  • Author Solutions (ASI) still facing legal actions
  • The fate of Authonomy
  • A major fact that will make you rethink how your books are designed, marketed and sold
  • Social media presence affect on sales
  • The post by Sheri McInnis mentioned above came from this issue
 These cover just a few of the questions I’m asked.  Tell me in the comments which story was most helpful to you. What questions do you have about blogging and self-publishing?



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