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How to Turn Your Content into the Rough Draft of Your Book

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If you are a coach, a blogger, entrepreneur or speaker, you already have the content.
You share it with your clients and audiences all the time. Now you can learn how to
repurpose that content to reach a larger audience with your valuable message.

Why would you want to do this?

Because the word “author” is still the key part of “authority,” and writing a book
is still the most recognized indicator of authority.

Join me in a free webinar on Wednesday, April 18, 2012
at 4 PM PDT (5 MT, 6PM CT, 7EST)

to learn how to turn your content into the rough draft of your book.

This is the best time in publishing history for aspiring authors, especially those of you who already have content and a platform (even if you’re just starting.)

You will learn

  • The one tip that will free you to create your rough draft fast
  • Why fast is better than good
  • Three easy ways to turn your current content into your rough draft
  • How to start your rough draft tonight even if you don’t have any content yet
  • Why you need a book
  • Why a traditional outline may not be your friend

Dash over to register at http://www.abookin90days.com/webinarinvite

Register even if you can’t attend live so you can receive the replay.


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