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Get Naked in Your Marketing to Successfully Cover Your Business

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When my friend and colleague, Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing published his ” Naked Marketing Manifesto” recently, a few entrepreneurs got worried.  But we all relaxed when we realized that none of his tips involve nudity, just brilliant ways to grab potential clients and market your book, service or product successfully.

If you haven’t already, get your own copy of the “Naked Marketing Manifesto” now.

Danny created a buzz around the Internet because he models his out-of-the-box suggestions. He includes his readers in the excitement by promptly responding to our comments, generously sharing his sources, encouraging us to add to his resources and allowing us to share his resources with our readers.

Even more exciting, Danny has consented to let me interview him soon so I can fire my own questions at him. Heads up for that in the next few weeks.

Check out the resources below to gain loads of new information that will help you market your book, service or products. Then leave your comments or questions.

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