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Join Local Authors on Indie Author Day at a Library Near You

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indieauthorday_webbanner_250x250-pngWhether you are an indie author or an avid reader, I hope you will be participating in Indie Author Day on October 8th in one of the over 300 participating public libraries in the USA.

This day is significant in a number of ways.

Until recently, indie authors were known as self-published authors, and suffered from an unfortunate stigma that their work must not be any good if it couldn’t get past the gatekeepers at major publishers.  Once published, it was near-impossible for self-published books, without regard for quality, to be picked up by public libraries.

The line between traditional and self-publishing has blurred

While it is debated whether or not many famous authors self-published their early books as we’ve heard, it is true that the line between traditional and self-publishing has blurred.  A self-published author who decides to follow the same steps to producing a quality book as a traditional publisher is now best called an indie (independent) author.

An indie author recognizes that none of us truly self-publishes,  so she forms a team to produce a quality book.

Yes, the indie author still writes, but as an entrepreneur, she also oversees the publishing, marketing, promotions, and financial operations of her work. Recognizing the importance of quality, she hires the same professionals that traditional publishers employ: editors, book cover designers, formatters, and so on. She often does this under her own small publishing company brand. She is savvy about using social media to build her target market and strategically plans her appearances on and offline.

Indie authors are not opposed to traditional publishing. Many submit some manuscripts to traditional publishers while continuing to publish under their own publishing companies.

Indie authors know that traditional publishers don’t like taking chances on a newcomer or an author who doesn’t already have a following.  The indie author is a risk-taker, eager to let the readers decide if a book is any good. In the process she builds up fans, maintains control over the process,and keeps a much larger percentage of the profits than she would otherwise.

Public libraries celebrate local indie authors

Public libraries now recognize they are in partnership with good writers and there are many indie authors who are good writers. For the first time in the USA, public libraries are welcoming and celebrating local authors on Indie Author Day, October 8, 2016.

To see which library near you is participating, visit indieauthorday.com and click Where.  Activities vary from library to library. Some will feature panel discussions or book talks, but all will have indie authors with their books available for sale and autographing.

No celebration is complete without swag, so you can expect to find fun gift items for authors and attendees. Indie Author Day goodie bags will be arriving soon in a participating library near you.

If you can’t attend, tune in on October 8th at 2 p.m. EST to the live streaming of a Q and A panel of publishing notables. Find out how at http://indieauthorday.com/blog/how-to-tune-in-to-indie-author-days-digital-q-and-a/

If you’re in and near Orange County, be sure to stop by my table at Anaheim Central Public Library.


Which library near you will be celebrating Indie Author Day?



  1. I am excited about this special publishing moment. At 69 years young, I am an Indie author, self-publishing Bandstand Diaries in November with my own publishing house imprint, Coney Island Press, and my co-authors are 74. Many possibilities on the horizon for writers everywhere.

    • Hi Sharon,

      This event is indeed an opportunity we can’t pass up. A bright new day looms on the horizon for writers indeed!

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