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The Surprising Truth Every Published Writer Must Face

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Kindle version puts 2nd edition in your hands fast

Kindle version puts the 2nd edition in your hands fast

Writing is a passion, but publishing is a business.

This catches many aspiring authors by surprise.

When they discover that writing their manuscript was just the start, many authors resist doing the marketing required and others resent it so much that they neglect it entirely. Disappointing book sales result.

Like it or not, writing is a home based business where you must face the same challenges as every other entrepreneur: managing time, avoiding isolation, resisting distractions as well as organizing and balancing work with family and personal life.

In the 2nd Edition of How to Run a Successful Home Based Business, I share useful tips and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Writers who recognize that part of their success depends on being entrepreneurs will benefit from many of the tips, especially on networking, building a list, and creating a social media marketing plan. This edition has 30% new content.

The Kindle version, available for only $2.99, poses key questions and offers answers to many of your business challenges. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read it either. Amazon makes the Kindle app free to you here. Get your copy now at http://amzn.to/101IoFg , then remember to leave a review when you finish the book.






  1. How I wish I could shout this message from the rooftops, Flora!!

    These words jumped off the page:
    ” … many authors resist doing the marketing required and others resent it so much that they neglect it entirely.” You know what happens then?! Disaster! Disaster happens.

    As of late, I’ve met two new authors who don’t even want to hear me say the word, “marketing”. In their minds, it’s a bad word. That’s a shame because as you know (better than most!), marketing is a MUST. And you just can’t ignore that fact. Oh, you can ignore it if you want. But when you’re trying to promote your book … and hopefully get some doggone sales! … you better be prepared to wear your marketing hat eight days a week!

    Personally, I love marketing and it’s really not complicated. Actually, it can be a lot of fun. I think some authors don’t dig their heels in and market up a storm because they simply don’t understand what marketing is or even where to begin.

    Wonderful post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Melanie,

      I sympathize and emphathize with authors like the two you mentioned. They were misinformed long ago, and don’t believe that without their energy and time to market, their books sit on an actual or virtual shelf. Either way, no marketing action means no traction.

  2. What’s even worse, Flora, in my book …
    Is authors who choose to go with one of the bigger publishing houses believing their publisher is going to market their books for them!! NOT. I can’t help but think some of these folks are getting led by the nose. I suspect publishing houses do next to NOTHING to promote your work.

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