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Are E-book Authors Just Losers Who Couldn’t Get Published Elsewhere?

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With the rapid rise of self-published ebooks appearing on authors’ websites, Kindle, Nook and other platforms, some in the publishing industry question the quality of the huge numbers of these works.

Below are some great articles revealing how ebook publishing has given some great writers credibility and removed the barrier between them and their readers.

In addition, many successful authors who first went with traditional publishers are turning to ebooks where they can keep more of their profits.

SelfPublishing Enables Dual Career Paths | Good E-Reader ..

I can now say that writing and publishing a book is as detailed and as involved a journey as making a movie, and in this case, it took even longer than any movie I ever made. It took me four months to writethe

2011 – The Year Everything Changed for Writer

In December 2010, the first indie book hit the Amazon ebook top 100. By March 2011, there were 37, and the number of self published titles has dipped below that only a couple of weeks since (Sunshine Deals). As of July

SelfPublished Authors Find eSuccess | The Book Shelf

Gone are the days of if the manuscript was rejected, the author left it to collect dust in a hiddent drawer to avoid the now-outdated stigma of selfpublishing. Writers paid a “vanity publisher” to print their books, but drawbacks

Successful author shares her experiences in this interview

The Importance Of Indie Books With Indie Reader Amy Edelman

Amy Edelman is the author of 3 books and the founder of IndieReader.com, the essential guide to selfpublished books and the people who write them. She has also started the Indie Reader Discovery Awards.

The greatest change in the explosion of ebooks and self-publishing is that the reader gets to decide what he likes and vote with his dollars.

What is your take on the quality of ebooks you’ve read?

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