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What's Trending When Publishing and Literacy Shake Hands?

The publishing industry and literacy efforts seem to be trending in favor of authors and readers. A few emerging examples:

  1.  Pubslush Press in New York lets readers decide which books will be published and then donates a book to a child in need for every book sold. After reading an excerpt of manuscripts submitted by authors, readers pledge support for their favorite. Fans don’t have to honor pledge until the book gets 1000 supporters.
  2. The Catalan Government Railways in Spain  has placed QR codes with links to the first chapters of popular novels on its trains as part of the National Reading Plan, with the aim to encourage citizens of Spain to get into a good book.
  3. A Brazilian company 24×7 Cultural recently launched an initiative enabling customers to choose the price they want to pay for the books sold through its subway station vending machines.
  4.  VertragingsApp now offers travelers stories organized by the time it takes to read them for those stuck on a delayed service.
  5. If you’ve heard that print is dead, you’ve been misinformed. One of the newest gadgets, The Little Printer, prints out a miniature newspaper for your subscription.