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An expert, and no book?

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A marketing expert stopped by my booth at the California Women’s Conference. I recognized her name and was quite proud to meet her in person. She introduced herself and told me about her unique approach to helping her clients get visibility and move into 7-figure incomes.

I was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more about her background and approach. Perhaps I would even sign up for her program.

As is my usual practice, when I returned to my office I checked out her website.

Well done.

Next, I dashed over to Amazon to get her book, but I couldn’t find one.

That’s right.

No book.



A marketing expert without a book in her area of expertise?

That diminished her credibility in my mind.

Sure, her work and results could be as amazing as she
described without her having written a book.

Get stated on your book with the e-course,

Rockin’ My Book now.

With the changes in publishing it’s easier than ever
to create a full-length print book or an ebook. That’s why
it’s surprising to find a blogger, coach or entrepreneur who
has not made the time and commitment to write up her
approach, system, best tips, advice or success story.

If this sounds like you, be aware of another sobering fact:
meeting planners, bloggers and radio hosts are less likely
to invite you to interviews and speaking gigs if you don’t
have a published book.

There is good news.

Your book doesn’t have to be a full-length  print version to
earn respect. E-book authors are winning credibility
along with print authors even though ebooks are a lot shorter
and much quicker to create and publish.

Don’t let your credibility be diminished any longer because
you don’t have a book on the market. As a blogger, coach
or entrepreneur you already have content that you share
with your clients and subscribers. Turning what you know
into a print or ebook is the next logical step.

Get stated on your book with the e-course,
Rockin’ My Book now.

More good news.

You don’t have to choose between a print book and an ebook.
Most authors create both.

If you are ready to step up your positioning, credibility and
visibility, let me be your partner in your journey to publishing
your print book or ebook.

Best news of all.

Grab the 4-week e-course and work on it at
your own pace. Get stated on your book with the e-course,
Rockin’ My Book now available now.  In it we will tackle the toughest
part of writing your book: getting started, targeting your reader and
making a workable plan to complete and market your book.

Get stated on your book with the e-course,
Rockin’ My Book now.

I look forward to being your partner to publishing success.


P.S. If your inner critic is telling you that it’s too late to start or finish your book this year, send her to the corner without her dinner. She’s wrong. Join me in Rockin’ My Book and we’ll set her straight together.


  1. Julia Strauss says

    It used to be that you had to publish a book to be an expert. Some people will still have you believe this, but with the advent of vanity presses, merely having a book is not the same expert blessing that it used to be.

    • Hi Julia,

      Many agree with you, but many others are enjoying expert status that a book adds.

      Fortunately, many self-published authors are not going blindly to vanity presses as was the practice decades ago. Instead they are becoming independent publishers where they control the look, quality and distribution of their books. As a matter of fact, with recent changes in publishing, some traditional publishers are quietly adding a “self-publishing” arm to their companies so that they can profit from this swell of new authors.

      Thanks for weighing in on this topic.

  2. You’re an expert at many things, Flora, and one of them is getting my wheels spinning! 😉

    I have hundreds of blog posts (gathering moss as we speak) that I think I might somehow piece together and create a book. You’re 100% right … your book does NOT have to be a full-length print version to earn respect. Oh, sure. It would be nice. But there’s nothing wrong with starting small and using what you’ve already worked hard to produce. 🙂

    Best of success to you with your new 6-week course!!

    • Hi Melanie,

      I’m so delighted to see you here and to learn that you’ve gotten those wheels spinning.

      Thanks for the good wishes for the 6-week course. I’m about to launch a short e-course for folks who can’t get off the launch pad. It’ll focus just on getting started.

      I’m not surprised that you have a bunch of blog posts since you’re a prolific and creative writer. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      By the way, I’ve gotten inspired many times from your blog.

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