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10 Benefits of Guest Blogging You Can’t Get on Your Own Blog


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When my editor Barbara Ardinger asked if I’d share an excerpt from the upcoming 2nd edition of my book, Color Your Life Happy, on her blog I immediately agreed. You see, I’ve learned that guest blogging has benefits I can’t get from my own blog.

When you began blogging you probably were told if you work hard writing compelling content, you’d eventually build a big following of readers and subscribers.

That sounds reasonable, except it’s not exactly true. Without reaching out beyond your own blog, you’re on a steep uphill climb.

You want to be popular blogger and create a profitable site, but how do you do that in the shortest amount of time? Some experts advise you to concentrate more attention on guestblogging than on your own blog. This may seem backwards, but hear me out then let me know in the comments if you agree (or not.)

Here are the top ten benefits you will get from guest blogging that you can’t get from your own blog.

Increase Exposure

1. You are seen by new readers who get to know your work.

2. When your post is seen on multiple blogs,  readers feel  a more lasting and positive connection with you.

3. When the host blog has a larger readership than you do, you extend your reach to more readers than is possible on your site alone.

Build Credibility and Authority

4. When published on popular and respected blogs your content is seen as more credible.

5. You confirm that you are an authority and expert in your niche.

Expand Opportunities

6. Readers who enjoy your work will share it with their friends and colleagues.

7. Some readers will follow you on social media, so be sure to make it easy for them to contact, find, and follow you.

8. Other bloggers who wouldn’t have seen you otherwise fmay ask you to write for them.

Gain More Subscribers and Customers

9. Readers learn about your products and services in a non-spammy way,  if you post a link to your lead page of course.

10. Readers who enjoyed your post will be encouraged to sign up for your newsletter or free ebook, if you posted links to your signup of course.

Bonus Benefit: Polish Your Writing Skills

When you learn to work with a skilled blogger, meeting their submission guidelines, and tailoring your content to their readers, you build your writing skills. Extra benefit: you build a great relationship with the host blogger.

If you are ready to learn how to do guestblogging the right way, learn from the master, Jon Morrow, at his site, http://www.boostblogtraffic.com and at his course http://guestblogging.com/gb-cheat-sheet [These are not affiliate links.]

If you want to read my guest post, “Discontent Can Be Your Savior ,” you can find it at www.BarbaraArdinger.com.

Before you leave, share your thoughts about guest blogging.

Would you write if it meant you risked getting your fingers chopped off?

Mammy Prater, 115-year old ex-slave. Image originally from Library of Congress is no longer available from Amazon

Mammy Prater, 115-year old ex-slave. Image originally from Library of Congress is no longer available from Amazon

Imagine you want to write a letter to your husband.

There is no Facebook, Twitter, email. As a matter of fact, there is no internet.

It’s 1830, you are an African American slave and every aspect of your life is controlled by your master.

Even if you happen to know which plantation your husband has been taken to, you have several problems.

1. Not only is it against the law for slaves to read or write,
but it’s against the law for anyone to be caught teaching you to read or write.

This 1830 North Carolina statute was typical.

Whereas the teaching of slaves to read and write, has a tendency to excite dis-satisfaction in their minds, and to produce insurrection and rebellion, to the manifest injury of the citizens of this State:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same
, That any free person, who shall hereafter teach, or attempt to teach, any slave within the State to read or write, the use of figures excepted, or shall give or sell to such slave or slaves any books or pamphlets, shall be liable to indictment in any court of record in this State having jurisdiction thereof, and upon conviction, shall, at the discretion of the court, if a white man or woman, be fined not less than one hundred dollars, nor more than two hundred dollars, or imprisoned; and if a free person of color, shall be fined, imprisoned, or whipped, at the discretion of the court, not exceeding thirty nine lashes, nor less than twenty lashes.

II. Be it further enacted, That if any slave shall hereafter teach, or attempt to teach, any other slave to read or write, the use of figures excepted, he or she may be carried before any justice of the peace, and on conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to receive thirty nine lashes on his or her bare back.

III. Be it further enacted, That the judges of the Superior Courts and the justices of the County Courts shall give this act in charge to the grand juries of their respective counties.

Source: “Act Passed by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina at the Session of 1830—1831” (Raleigh: 1831).

Retrieved from http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/slaveprohibit.html


2. Some slaveowners took the punishment a bit further and threatened to chop off the fingers of any slave caught writing.

See The Secret Writing of American Slaves


3. To learn to read you had to engage in covert activities.

Frederick Douglass sneaked pieces of bread to poor white children who would in exchange teach him to read.


4. Writing supplies were hard to come by.

One slave wrote letters to his mother on scraps of wallpaper he saved when he got a job hanging wallpaper. His mother had taught him to read before she was sold to another slaveowner.


5. If you succeeded in learning to read, find paper, get a writing tool, and write a letter, how did you get it safely delivered?

Enough of this.

It’s the  21st century and if you live in a democratic country, you don’t have any of these worries.

Your biggest roadblock is nothing so scary.

You have tremendous advantages

  • You know how to read.
  • You have access to writing tools.
  • You are free to openly write letters and more, even a book.
  • You have classes, coaches and mentors eager to help you write, even if your dream is as ambitious as writing a book.
  • You probably can write on any topic without fear of repercussions, especially without fear of losing any fingers.
  • You can get your book published affordably and distributed worldwide.
  • People will pay you for your book.

So, tell me in the Comments, what’s holding you back from writing your book?

If you are fresh out of excuses for writing your book, let me help you get started at Rockin’ My Book , an on-demand eCourse.