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44 Proven Ways to Market and Sell Your Self-Published Book

Today's post is being shared with the permission of A. Michelle Blakeley, Micro Business Therapist™. Learn more about her below the post. There’s an unspoken rule that when you are asked to speak at an event, you have something tangible to provide or sell in the back of the room. It’s marketing 101 for speakers. Writing a book is easier than people may think (stay tuned for that article). However, marketing and selling a book is where the challenge lies and is far more difficult. You have to engage your audience, in advance, and … [Continue reading…]

How to Write a Cash-Producing Book in an Afternoon [Free webinar]

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Writing a 50,000, 30,000 or even a 10,000 word book can be extremely intimidating… especially when you consider all the time, energy and research that goes into producing a book that sells for just … [Continue reading…]

7 Surprising Reasons to Connect with Other Writers


Where do you begin to write and publish a book? That's what first-time attendees to my meetups and workshops most often want to know. They have often been writing or contemplating their book idea … [Continue reading…]

5 Ways to Keep Your Publishing Dream From Turning into a Nightmare


A year ago a new client mentioned she had been contacted by a publisher eager to publish her book.  Once she responded to the publisher the representative sent her the following email and called her … [Continue reading…]

How a Seed Planted in a Blog Blossomed

Author Carol Bodensteiner appears on after starting Facebook group, I Grew Up Country.

    Carol Bodensteiner Twitter: CABodensteiner says: August 2, 2012 at 7:41 am (Edit) This is terrific, Flora. I can feel a national day recognizing kids who ‘grew up … [Continue reading…]

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