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Writing My Mother’s Memoir: So Who Is She Really?


Today’s guest blogger is Denis Ledoux sharing his experience with writing his mother's memoir. He’s the author of Should I Write My Memoir?: How to Start (The Memoir Network Writing Series Book 1) Learn more at his website. If you are like me, you know many details of your mother's—or father’s—life. But there may be many vague relationships between this event and that event, between causes and effects. In other words, your parent’s life may end up seeming a mishmash of dates and facts and impressions and none of them blending very well … [Continue reading…]

Orange County Self-Publishers and Indie Authors, Join Our Meetup


  After talking to many aspiring self-published/indie authors in Orange County, I became convinced there was enough interest to justify a meetup focusing on the business of self-publishing.  … [Continue reading…]

Join Us at the Inaugural Meeting of Publishers and Writers of Orange County, Sat., April 4th

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  Publishing and writing can be lonely, but there's no need for it to be.  Success comes much faster when you build relationships and share experiences  with fellow travelers on the road to … [Continue reading…]

Self-Published Authors: Technology Tips and Tools to Increase Your Visibility

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Self-published authors,  have you uttered this sad tale: I have a garage full of books. How do I sell them? If so, you made the mistake similar to planning a party, but forgetting to send out the … [Continue reading…]

Write, Pitch, and Market Your Book–from March 2-6, 2015

Writers love helping one another. Here are ideas to help you write,  pitch, and market your book from blogs this week. Samantha Fountain at Where Writers Win New Launch of WriterPitch There’s not … [Continue reading…]

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