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If Your Book Isn’t Selling, Do the Hokey Pokey

Attended book signing at Costco of Sonia Marsh, author of From Freeways to FlipFlops.

  I popped into one of my favorite blogs recently and read a short post reminding authors we must constantly build an audience in order to succeed. It was only 126 words long, but it touched a nerve in one of the commenters who whined that she didn’t need reminding, she needed to know “how”. This imagined omission hurled at the blog owner was particularly unfair since the entire blog is devoted to telling authors how to build an audience and create effective marketing plans. The commenter clearly hadn’t read the years of posts … [Continue reading…]

Join the Race to 50,000 Words: National Novel Writing Month

  If you've been putting off writing your novel (or other genre), November is an excellent time to get started because it's National Novel Writing Month . Although it began as a national … [Continue reading…]

10 Benefits of Guest Blogging You Can’t Get on Your Own Blog


  When my editor Barbara Ardinger asked if I'd share an excerpt from the upcoming 2nd edition of my book, Color Your Life Happy, on her blog I immediately agreed. You see, I've learned that … [Continue reading…]

Would you write if it meant you risked getting your fingers chopped off?

Mammy Prater, 115-year old ex-slave. Image originally from Library of Congress is no longer available from Amazon

Imagine you want to write a letter to your husband. There is no Facebook, Twitter, email. As a matter of fact, there is no internet. It's 1830, you are an African American slave and every aspect … [Continue reading…]

9 Steps to Writing and Publishing a Book


Aspiring authors have many fears, uncertainties, false notions, and misconceptions. Who can blame them?  Until recent years, the inner workings of the publishing industry were mysterious to us … [Continue reading…]