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What Authors Can Learn from Prince About the Importance of a Will

A memorial formed beneath Prince's star on the wall of First Avenue from www.citypages.com

When Prince died on Thursday April 21, 2016, he left behind a music legacy and larger than life memories, but no will. What can authors learn from Prince about the importance of a will? Given that Prince was tenacious about maintaining control over his work during his life, it's ironic that he didn't put plans in place for what happens to his estate after his death. I asked my friend, Vickie Schumacher, author of Understanding Living Trusts®, to help us understand if it's important for authors to create a will. How common is it for authors … [Continue reading…]

Book Marketing with BookBub is Serious Business

When the question of whether BookBub is worth their hefty fee came up on a blog recently, I decided to do a little research. I discovered that questioning the fee is the wrong question. The real … [Continue reading…]

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How to get strangers asking you about your book

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National Novel Writing Month is Underway and It’s Not Too Late to Join In

Every year as trick-or-treaters trail home on Halloween to tally their loot, writers around the world are flexing their fingers in preparation for National Novel Writing Month, better known as … [Continue reading…]