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Brave New Word: The Ebook–What Is It and How Does It Fit Into Our Lives?

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Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, is given credit for inventing the first ebook in 1971 when he typed the United States Declaration of Independence into a computer. Hart, an author, had been given unlimited computer time by the operators of the Xerox Sigma V mainframe at the University of Illinois and wanted to do something worthy of his time. While computers were being used mainly for data processing then, Hart decided to use it for information distribution. It wasn't until 1992 when Sony created the Discman that there was a … [Continue reading…]

How to Sell Your Book Inside Costco and Other Major Stores

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Go to Costco on the weekend (if you dare) and you'll pass vendors encouraging you to sample a food or learn more about a home improvement item or other product. It's safe to assume that letting … [Continue reading…]

How to Sell Your Book Before It’s Published

Click on the presentation. Expand to full screen if you wish. Advance each slide at the bottom of the frame. … [Continue reading…]

Join National Novel Writing Month’s Annual Race to 50,000 Words

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  If you've been putting off writing your novel, November is an excellent time to get started because it's National Novel Writing Month . Although it began as a national effort, it is now … [Continue reading…]

9 Ways to Avoid Lame Book Titles


An ad from my local hardware store featured a party cooler for sale. The cooler was pictured filled with ice and canned soda. Printed in parentheses was “Sodas and ice not included.” Most of us … [Continue reading…]