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Nonfiction Authors, This Master Course is for You

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woman-1733891_1280When I retired after twenty years of teaching critical thinking, I decided to write my book of happiness advice and inspiration. I had already successfully published two language arts series for major publishers, and curriculum material, guides, and articles for a variety of publications. I also had my fill of clashing with traditional publishers over control of my book in exchange for meager royalties, so this time I decided to self-publish.

It was 2007. It only took me a few days of research to get overwhelmed when I realized all the work and decisions that self-publishing a quality nonfiction book would take in those days. I quickly switched my search from finding out how to self-publish to finding a coach and experienced guidance through the self-publishing journey.

Fortunately, times have advanced tremendously and you don’t have to comb the internet for knowledgeable help.

You are spared the scary thought of going it alone since you can gain ready access to know-how that wasn’t available to me when I began.

If you are an aspiring nonfiction author ready to learn successful strategies to write, self-publish, and market your book to turn your readers into ongoing customers, take the Nonfiction Master Course,  October 25th-27th.

In this a one-of-a kind course you learn from ten experts live and get your questions answered all from the comfort of your home or office.

Or if you prefer,  listen to the recordings later to suit your schedule.

Access  over 10 hours of dedicated and focused instruction from experts like Judy Cullins, Michele DeFilippo, Joel Friedlander, Nina Amir, Sandra Beckwith, and more.

It’s easy and convenient.

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You are guaranteed to reap benefits from the skills, experience and knowledge shared on the live or audio presentations or get your money back,  hassle-free. Click here to view the details and learn about the money-back guarantee deadline. 

Oh, and when you register, you will get five instant eBook downloads. ‘

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(Disclosure: I’m a proud affiliate of the Nonfiction Master Course.)