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Fun, Functional, and Unique Gifts for Writers and Authors

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Are you looking for great holiday gifts for the writers and authors in your life? Here are some fun, functional, and unique gift ideas for not only the holidays,  but also for birthdays and other special occasions all year round.

1. Favorite Snacks

Writers have rituals that include munching on their favorite snacks to keep up their energy and momentum while they work.  F. Scott Fitzgerald loved canned meat and apples, Nora Ephron could down three Krispy Kreme doughnuts in one sitting, and Julia Child’s favored red meat and gin. What’s your writer’s favorite snack? Give the writer in your life a supply of their favorite munchies or a gift certificate for the store that carries them. They’ll enjoy fond memories of you every time they indulge.

2. Writing Inspiration


Aqua Notes

Many writers and other creatives get some of their best ideas in the shower. Now this waterproof notepad, the writer can capture thoughts or sketch ideas while in the shower.


Writer with a Day Job

This is the perfect gift for the writer working full time and writing their books on the side. This book offers advice, skill-building techniques, prompts, and exercises on how to keep writing while holding down a day job. It includes setting goals, creating a schedule, finding inspiration and more.



Writer Emergency Pack

This deck of 26 illustrated idea cards help restore writers’ creativity when it slumps.




The Writer’s Coloring Book

“Whether you are a Plotter, a Pantser or hybrid Plantster, you will love this book. A unique writing guide for novelists, screenwriters, and playwrights that provides a visual playground for both sides of a writer’s brain: the passionate dreamer and the rational organizer. The tools in this unique “how to write” book help you create complex, multi-faceted characters in engaging, stay-with-you-forever stories. “Amazon product description


3. Cool Tools

Agatha Christie said, “All I needed was a steady table and a typewriter. A marble topped bedroom washstand table made a good place; the dining room table between meals was also suitable.”

Modern readers may need a bit more. Here are a few ideas.


LED Pen, The Pilot’s Pen, Night Writer – Set of 2 LED Powered Ink Penlights

Dancing in the dark is one thing. But writing in the dark takes a special tool, like this Night Writer pen.


Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light (Wood Top) | Supports Laptops Up To 15 Inches

This is more than just a lap desk, it’s a work station that goes wherever the writer wants to go. Includes mouse deck and slot for tablet or smartphone.



4. Stress Relief

Since writers spend many hours working in one position, carpal tunnel, neck, and body cramps are occupational hazards. If you’re skilled enough, give the writer in your life a personal massage. If not, invest in a gift certificate from the local massage school or parlor in the area. Groupon may even have a great deal available in your writer’s area http://www.groupon.com/local/massage

5. Smart New Tool–Book Planner–Plans The Entire Book Publishing Process

250x250Joel Friedlander and his team have helped hundreds of authors through the publishing process. They know the rush you get when you finish your first draft. And they also know all the questions that spring up, too: “What do I do now? When do I have to do it?”

Book publishing can be fun and efficient, when you eliminate the confusion.

The power of Book Planner for both first-time authors and seasoned publishing veterans, is in building a customized book plan to meet your schedule and your specific project. The subscriber just picks from the list of book plans based on the time they have to complete their project.

Book Planner is accessible from a PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone, It will automatically generate a workable and realistic schedule that will show the writer exactly what they can accomplish within the time they have available. It’s that easy. Subscriptions are 9.99 per month or $99.99  for the annual plan.

6.  60 Free Book Promotion Ideas in 60 Minutes (an audio program)

60-free-book-promotion-ideas-in-60-minutesOne thing every author must do is promote their book. Give your writer friend this priceless gift where she will join Sandy Beckwith, noted publicity expert, for an idea-packed session that will re-energize her book marketing and leave her buzzing with ideas! $19.00


7. Unique Literary Clothing Makes Great Gift Holiday Gifts





Out of Print spreads the joy of reading through the teeshirts and accessories celebrating the world’s great stories and featuring iconic and sometimes out of print book covers. Because they realize that some parts of the world have no access to books at all, for each product they sell, they donate a book to community in need through their partner Books for Africa.



50 banned books are identified on this one tote bag. 

Some books have become as famous for being banned as they were for being read, You’ll find some of your favorites on this list: James and the Giant Peach, The Heart of Darkness, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Call of the Wild, and more.



8. This Tee Shirt Helps Promote Authors’ Books

bookpromo-woman bookpromo-man

9. Postertext




Posters are made with the entire text of a classic and some contemporary novels.


This Benjamin Franklin poster, for example, is made from the entire text of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.



10. Fun and Functional Gift Ideas

Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug

“From all reports, William Shakespeare was a decent guy. He was generous, funny, and could drink with the best of them. But one thing you didn’t want to do is piss him off. Shakespeare was the Don Rickles of Elizabethan England. His brilliantly crafted insults and witty barbs could bring the fiercest soldier to tears. The Shakespeare Insults mug is covered with the Bard’s funniest and most biting insults from his plays.”Amazon product description


Novel Teas tagged with Literary Quotes


Novel Teas contains 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea.  This gift will help keep a writer hydrated through many drafts.



642 Things to Write About

“This collection of 642 outrageous and witty writing prompts will get the creative juices flowing in no time. From crafting your own obituary to penning an ode to an onion, each page of this playful journal invites inspiration and provides plenty of space to write. Brimming with entertaining exercises from the literary minds of the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, this is the ultimate gift for scribes of every stripe.” Amazon product description


Reading Journal: For Book Lovers

“With checklists of award-winning novels and recommended reading for every genre (spy novels, romance, sci-fi, humor), this classic reading journal also includes plenty of pages for keeping track of all the books you’ve read and want to consume next.” Amazon product description.


Oriental Rug Book Marks–a set of four

  • Rugged urethane core layer practically impossible to tear, washable, will last many years.
  • Culturally significant classic images, many licensed from world famous museums. Amazon product description

Surprise your favorite writers or treat yourself to one of these not-so-typical gifts now or any time of year.

Please note: Most of the products listed above are affiliate links from which I get a commission if you make a purchase.

Which of these will you add to your holiday gift-giving list? Tell us in Speak Your Mind below.


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