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Hey, Author, No One Has Your Back

  In his post, The Illusion of Patronage, Seth Godin points out that we can no longer depend just on our writing for success. We must engage with our fans, our reading public, through speaking … [Continue reading…]

Dan Blank Tells Us How to Create a Relationship with Our Readers

If you are an author, do yourself a favor and listen to this Q & A with Jennie Nash, book coach, and Dan Blank, author of newly released Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative … [Continue reading…]

Are You Willing to Help a Reporter Out, and Help Yourself Too?

Reporters and other media are always under deadlines, so a service like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a tremendous help in getting the sources they need for their stories. When YOU are source they … [Continue reading…]

Get Your Book Noticed by Piggybacking on Holidays, Observances, and News

  You’re not one of those people who grumbles about stores rolling out their displays many weeks before a holiday or observance, are you? I hope not! You can’t afford to think like the … [Continue reading…]

[Free Training] 7 Ways to Get More from Your Website

Your website should work for you to deliver all the clients you want. It should easily build your email list... It should get more people to like and follow you on social media... It should … [Continue reading…]