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Forget Your Resume, Come from Behind Your Mask, Beef Up Your Bio

The growing popularity of social media sites has focused attention on the story people tell about themselves. When I’m considering whether or not to link, friend or follow you, for example, what you say in your profile helps me decide. If you haven’t even taken the time to complete a profile, you can forget it. Why would I want to connect with a mask?

When I was growing up I was encouraged to be modest and keep my personal life to myself. Perhaps this is true for you too. Talking about your quirks, adversities and telling the truth about your misadventures was known as airing your dirty laundry. Only the pretty (often deceptive) version could be shared in public.

Times have changed. According to Michael Margolis, Founder and President of GetStoried.com, we can reinvent ourselves through our stories. He’s not suggesting that we unburden ourselves so that we feel better either. He believes that if you are a coach, entrepreneur or other business person, your perceived worth  and value is directly related to your personal story.

Check out what Michael has to say regarding the importance of your About page. Then go over to his site to get a taste of his virtual storytelling summit. http://www.getstoried.com/free-storytelling-mini-conference-preview/