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How Much Do You Want to Meet Ellen DeGeneres?

How much do your want that goal of yours?

Maybe it’s to lose those unwanted pounds, or complete a degree, or travel to that one place in the world that is magical to you?

Whatever it is, how bad do you want it?

Do you want it so bad that you beg for it like a kid does? My granddaughter is master of the “Please, please, please, please . . .” technique, complete with jumping up and down, arms animated and variations of pitch and tone. Sometimes I gave in just to restore some peace and quiet.

Well, my friend, Erica Walls wants to meet Ellen de Generes something awful. I mean BHAG big! So much so that Erica has decided to post a letter to Ellen everyday in her blog, www.dailybrainfartstoellendegeneres.wordpress.com.

She has crossed the 100 day mark and although she hasn’t gotten a call or even a tweet yet, Ellen is following her on Twitter.

Erica began her blog on January 7th and explains on her About page why she began this

My name is Erica and this blog is tracking my daily emails to Ellen DeGeneres. I started writing an email a day to Ellen DeGeneres on January 7th 2012. Why am I writing her? Because I like her, she’s funny, I feel a connection to her and I CAN!  This is the year of DOING for me! Yes, I have turned 40 and soon after that age people start to do either crazier things or just give up. I AM NOT A QUITTER!

My emails to her are random and I have a tendency to ramble BUT, my words are sincere, deep and I think quite clever and funny (in a quirky way).  For this reason, I am referring to my emails as “brain farts.” They just bubble up inside and then they just have to come out.  And, like a fart, there’s little control over what you expel.  ALSO, you are only allowed 1500 characters in each email to Ellen on her website. So I do A LOT of editing – it gets ugly, choppy and vague at times…but hang in. The point is there, somewhere…I think.  Pretend you’re looking for Waldo or playing I Spy.You are probably wondering how long I will keep this up AND so am I…we’ll just have to see.  At least until I get invited on the show or die.  I would like one or more of the following things to happen: go to the show, be on the show, be a regular on the show, work for Ellen DeGeneres. That’s the plan, anyway.

As the year has gone on Erica’s posts have gotten more and more creative. In addition to commenting on the daily episodes, Erica has now added photos and video. One of my favorites is the video below.


How much do you want something?

Are you willing to stage a year-long campaign?

You may not feel as fervent about Ellen as Erica does, but surely you have big goal you’ve always wanted.

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