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Author, No One Has Your Back

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In his post, The Illusion of Patronage, Seth Godin points out that we can no longer depend just on our writing for success. We must engage with our fans, our reading public, through speaking and business ventures.

This is one of those good news, bad news things.

For energetic writers entering the publishing world, eager to rub shoulders with their fans at Tweetups, be interviewed on Internet radio, post loads of videos on YouTube and promote their latest book on a t-shirt, this is good news.

For old-school writers still banging out their manuscripts on a Remington Rand, refusing to blog, tweet, link or friend, and who think Kindle is what fuels the fireplace, this is bad news.

Long ago Mr. Rogers told us about the part we play in our success in his song “You’ve Got to Do It”

Actually, someone does have your back.

It’s you, building, serving, nurturing and maintaining your own tribe.


  1. Flora, thanks for the reminder that writing involves more than just putting words on paper (or computer) in isolation. That illusion of writing in isolation has faded into the sunset. The purpose of writing is to have it read. And, if we’re not connecting with our readers on the many social media sites, blogs, and with other available means of connecting, it lessens opportunities for a wider readership.

  2. You are absolutely right. Our chances of getting a wide readership are directly proportionate to the energy we spend in building our fan base. No more Walden Pond.

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