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Archives for February 2013

The New Print on Demand: Want a Book with that Coffee?

bookwithcoffee copyPrint on demand ushered in an era of speed and changed our expectations forever. You can upload a manuscript and book cover to a publisher’s or printer’s website and within days get the print copy.

The Espresso Book Machine has stepped it up to another level. Now you can get a full book printed while you wait, before you finish your latte. It’s the only digital-to-print-to-retail process available so far.

Major publishers and printers are already using this machine to service their clients, but now you can print your own self-published book and take out another middleman.

This amazing machine is available in a few university bookstores, libraries and coffee shops in the USA and other countries.

Watch the video to see it at work. Then check to find the location near you so you can dash over with your manuscript to see the Espresso Book Machine firsthand.

Below the video, you’ll see the buzz this machine is creating on Twitter.

Leave your comments telling me what you think the Espresso Book Machine means for the future of publishing.

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