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Join the Annual 50,000-Word Race for the Novel: NaNoWriMo

Every year as trick-or-treaters trail home on Halloween to tally their loot, writers around the world flex their fingers in readiness for National Novel Writing Month, better known as Nanowrimo, that … [Continue reading…]

Join Local Authors on Indie Author Day at a Library Near You

Whether you are an indie author or an avid reader, I hope you will be participating in Indie Author Day on October 8th in one of the over 300 participating public libraries in the USA. This day is … [Continue reading…]

Uncover Hidden Riches When You Tie Observances to Your Niche

Just as news tie-ins can help you get media attention, pairing your writing with monthly observances can help uncover hidden riches in your business.  Every month of the year is full of monthly, … [Continue reading…]

How to Help Your Library Help You Sell Your Book

A few months ago when I asked my Anaheim library what they were doing for the first annual Indie Author Day on October 8th, they hadn't even heard of it. Here's the email I got from them … [Continue reading…]

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Beat Writer’s Block

It happens to all writers. You are typing at a clip, fingers flying across the keyboard, when suddenly not another idea nor word comes forth. Nada. Zero. Zilch. At some point, all writers hit a … [Continue reading…]