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When you began writing your book, did you begin marketing it as well? Congratulations if you did.

That would have been ideal, but many authors don’t realize marketing should begin even before the book is finished.

I have good news. No matter when you begin, marketing your book is an ongoing process, so it’s not too late to start.

There is no one perfect marketing plan, but rather a number of activities. You must discover which
are right for you, your genre, and your ideal reader. If you want to sell your book, readers must know
your book exists and be able to find and buy it easily.

Whether your book is traditionally published or self-published, marketing it is still in your hands.
Even if you have an unlimited budget to hire a publicist, you will still have much to do to be sure your book is visible and profitable.

"Flora's 52 Weekly Book Marketing Tips keep me continually inspired to get my books into the hands of creative people. Every time I feel that I've run out of ideas, another great tip from Flora appears in my email, encouraging me to keep going. Receiving gentle reminders each week makes book marketing simple and easy."


Shirley George Frazier
Author, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business

What would 52 weeks of marketing tips be worth to you?

There are so many marketing tips being shared by successful authors, writers’ groups and publishing associations that it’s impossible to discover  even a fraction of them on your own.  As an author and publishing coach, I’ve gathered many valuable tips that will help you get your book noticed and increase sales. Investing in this list will save your time and energy that is better spent writing and planning your projects, while earning you much-deserved profits.

What topics will the tips cover?

  • managing social media
  • creating author profiles
  • getting noticed online and offline
  • sending press releases
  • getting interviews

    • building your platform
    • creating promotional merchandise
    • creating a book trailer
    • getting reviews
    • and more


You will get not just suggested actions, but links and illustrations to help you implement them.

Here are two examples of tips from the list of 52


"Flora’s resources and materials, as well as her advice based on many years of practice in the field, are of inestimable value to me as I embark on my adventure."

Kas Sartori
Author, The Chosen Shell


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